Session Shed

Session Shed

Drum and Synth Sequencing

for Android mobile phones.


    New in this beta ..

  • some new drum samples from DigitMusic
  • a simple demo session that loads on startup
  • some redefining of project folders
  • a few minor bug fixes and behind the scenes tweaks 

Importing your own drum samples:

The installer creates a folder on your phone's primary SD card called SessionShed, and within that, various other folders for resources and saved sessions. 

To import your own samples, you can use any file manager app to add your samples to the 'Samples' sub-folder. The current required sample format is 48kHz, 16 bit, although additional formats will be supported in the final release. 


  • This APK is a late alpha / early beta for test purposes only!
  • It is fully functional, but has a saving restriction of 16 bars of music.
  • Although many features are complete, things can change as this final phase of development progresses. File save format is most likely to change as features are tweaked and added, although all efforts will be made to ensure anything saved from a beta version will be loadable in the final release.

Final features to complete include:

  • More comrephensive range of sound sets for both drums and synths
  • Some FX processing ... delay,chorus, reverb etc

Built with Processing

Processing is an open source and freely offered framework for creative coders. Amazing!

Although aimed primarily at visual artists, it provides a great opportunity for any non-expert to create code quickly and easlily. The entire GUI for Session Shed is created using the core graphics Processing library and makes use of the Android SDK for audio functionality.

Support Processing when you buy this app!

This app will soon be available from the Google Play Store. It wouldn't have been possible without Processing, so in payback, all downloads from the Google Play will help donate to the Processing Foundation