Session Shed


Session Shed Test File Installer (APK file)

Updated 5/5/2020

  • Fixed bug causing audio glitches when tapping sample trigger pads
  • Fixed crash when dragging notes around in drum editor

Previous Updates:

Updated 4/5/2020

  • a few small changes to mixer tracks fully visible
  • sample triggering glitchy in a few places ... top of list to fix!

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A message to testers...

First off, many thanks for agreeing to test out this Android application ... much appreciated.

It is, as you will find out, a simple midi style sequencer, with just a few tracks for drums and a synths. It isn't yet GM compatiable although that is under development at the moment. Much of this first test release is still unfinished in terms of workflow, where some functions are accessed etc, and there are many GUI improvements possible, but I think much of the work for the underlying core is done, hence this release for initial testing. Some things work well, some are glitchy and debatable. Please let me know about them all. No forum yet so please email me at, or if you are here because you are a registered Music Technology teacher on Facebook, that would be good too.

I hope that at a basic level, it will be fairly intuitive as to what you can do (if not then that's something I need to know!) but as with any software there is a learning curve and a need for some instructional  user guide / videos. These will appear here very soon, and be updated as and when new releases are made.

I hope you enjoy testing this, as I have done in past years for various other programmers, and will continue to help making this a fun, and ideally useful addition to the myriad of Music Technology applications the world has to offer!

Note: you will have to enable access to storage for Session Shed in your phone settings to be able to save files.

As soon as I can figure out the Play Store requirements and have written suitable end user and data protection policies, I will move the installer over there. For now this download should work, but be ready for all sorts of warnings by your phone about untrusted sources etc!

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