Session Shed (Testing)

Music creation for Android:

  • create and mix drum loops & bass lines
  • single tap note editing/ note velocity editing
  • simple & compound time signatures
  • per beat and per kit part quantization for complex rhythms
  • drum pads for live playing of drum kit
  • CD quality wav export (44.1kHz, 16-bit)
  • No ads (and there never will be - hooray!)

About me ...

  • Semi-retired ex Music and Music Technology teacher - lovely :)
  • Early pre-teaching career in computing and electronics-based industries.
  • Love music and all things tech that go with it, so am having fun trying to develop simple apps similar to those I have bought and used throughout my teaching career.
  • Not aiming for anything like Cubase, Logic or ProTools etc ... just small scale apps (Android) that do fun things, that may also be of use in education.

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