Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - updated: 01/03/2021

Software Creative is committed to the safeguarding of privacy, and to this end chooses to NOT collect or store any personal information of any kind. Some app permissions are required as detailed below, but none that require access to personal data.

Personal Data ..

  • Session Shed doesn't access, collect or store any personal information or data! 

App Permissions ..

  • Session Shed requires access to device storage for the purposes of loading and saving.

  • It creates a folder "Session Shed" on your device's primarySD card, along with subfolders for saved song files, samples and synth patches.

  • There is no facillity in Session Shed to access any  file areas other than those created within the "Session Shed" folder.


There is a possibility that future versions of Session Shed will require additional permissions for the recording of audio and the use of Wi-Fi.  This Privacy Policy will be updated to recognize these new requirements as and when app updates are officially released. on Google Play.