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Session Shed Basic User Guide  

Before your first run of Session Shed, please enable storage permissions through your phone's Settings.

On first run a folder called "Session Shed"will then be created with other subfolders, where files and exports will be saved, and where (in the future) you willbe able to place files (samples/MIDI etc) for import. Storage access is the only permission required for Session Shed ... it has no interest in anything else you phone has to offer!

Launch Session Shed by double tapping its icon (it will be in your apps somewhere ... so you will probably want to place a copy on your desktop

Exit Session Shed by tapping ur phone's back button, followed by 'OK' in the alert dialogue

On launch you will see a editing grid representing a full bar of music in 4/4 time. At the top of the sceeen are a few buttons for Loop , Play and accessing various other screens, and immediately below this is the bar 'header''. This provides the bar number and  'D'and a '+' symbols ... 

Common Functions

  • Click or drag to scroll left/right.
  • Pinch zoom - the grid editor has horizontal zoom (pinch in right half of display) and vertical zoom  (pinch in left half of display). 
  • Tap a bar header to set it as the playback start point (its colour darkens slightly)

Basic use (drums)

  • Tap in the grid to enter and delete notes. This can be done whilst playing/looping. The entered notes are 'triggers' for the preloaded drum samples, a basic drum kit and a few other useful percussion sounds (16 in toral).
  • Long press to enable drag editing.
  • To duplicate your bar of drums, disable looping and tap the 'D' in the bar header or to add an empty bar, tap the '+' . Scroll left/right to navigate between bars.
  • To loop mutltiple bars, stop playback and set looping active, tap in the left of a bar header to set the start bar, and the right of a bar header to set the end bar. You will see an orange line at the top of the headers indicating the loop range.

Note: the 'D' and '+' only work when looping is disabled.

The Top Buttons (left to right)

  • Loop toggles loop mode on/off. (Double tap toggles contextual help)
  • Play start/stop playback
  • Rewind Rewinds to currently selected bar or loop start if loop is active.
  • Grid Editor Single tap to activate editor. Double tap to toggle all drum labels on/off.
  • Mixer Single tap to activate mixer.Double tap to toggle all mixer labels on/off.
  • Sample View & Pads play/edit/ load drum samples.
  • spare - not used yet
  • Menu opens a menu where you can select various editing functions, load and save, and select the track you want to edit

Sample View & Pads 

  • 16 playable drum pads with visualisation of drum samples.
  • Load your own samples. These must (for now) be in the  Session Shed/Samples/USER SAMPLES folder created on first run.

Sample Loading:

  • Tap  the 'Load' button to launch file browser
  • Tap a folder/file to select/audition.
  • Long press a drum pad to assign the selected sample to it.

Menu opens a menu where you can select various editing functions, load and save, and select the track you want to edit


Time Signature

Grid Quantization

Note Velocities

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